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December 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Motor Controls - Motor Control Doubled

 An MCU boasts improved operational efficiency and enough computational power to drive two motors.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Motor Technology - BLDC Under Custom Control

Compact brushless dc blowers allow users to specify an internal or external electronic control module, thus achieving more design flexibility.

August 2009
Appliance Engineer - Motor Technology - Breakthrough Performance

Compact, high-performance fans can be adapted to a variety of cooling applications.

June 2009
Appliance Engineer - Motor Technology - Efficient Refrigeration

An EC motor designed for commercial refrigeration applications is said to use 15% less power at rated speed than a conventional PSC motor.

May 2009
Appliance Engineer - Motor Technology - Keeping Cool Under Harsh Conditions

 A line of dc fans meets the IP58 standard, providing solutions to applications used in harsh environments.

April 2009
Motor Technology - Hysteresis Solved
A hysteresis solver provides a new way of accounting for losses and predicting motor performance changes due to hysteresis effects in magnetized materials.

February 2009
Motor Technology - Smart Integration
A new smart motor controller provides an integrated solution for driving low-power, single-coil, brushless dc fans and motors.

January 2009
Motor Technology - Low-Noise Pumping

 A new dc brush gearmotor provides low noise and long life for appliance applications using peristaltic pumps.

December 2008
Appliance Engineer-Motor Technology - Powering Up for Less

Ten new digital signal controllers (DSCs) give appliance engineers the ability to save power and have better performance at a reduced price.

November 2008
Appliance Engineer-Motor Technology - Control in a Kit

Motor control kits with DSP source code and MATLAB libraries save appliance engineers crucial development time.

September 2008
Motor Technology - Secure Motor Connection
A new connector for HVAC motors helps engineers save costs while increasing safety.

August 2008
Motor Technology - Sensorless Control
A new sensorless motor controller offers high performance in the size of a business card.

July 2008
Motor Technology - Affordable Reliability
Noncontact solid-state encoders provide frictionless, zero-wear, “fit and forget” reliability.

June 2008
Motor Technology - Driving Solar Technologies
To meet demands for environmentally friendly products, one supplier is creating motors for solar-powered applications.

May 2008
Motor Technology - Packaged Efficiency
A high-voltage IGBT module lowers assembly cost and improves reliability by reducing the number of external components in the main circuit of the inverter.

March 2008
Motor Technology - Minimotor
A new compact motor is designed to meet the demand for small drive solutions in medical and consumer electronic applications.

February 2008
Motor Technology - Medical Drives in Compliance
Servo drives takes the burden for FCC Class B compliance off medical device design engineers.

January 2008
Motor Technology - Tight Fan Motor Control in Small Packages
Closed-loop fan controllers and temperature sensors help OEMs accelerate product development.

December 2007
Motor Technology - Meeting Motor Mandates
New EC motors can help coolers and freezers meet the upcoming California CEC Title 20 mandate.

November 2007
Motor Technology - A New Wave of Motor Control
Based on Z-Wave technology, a new line of motor controls can be easily integrated into networked appliances and wireless home control systems.

September 2007
Motor Technology - More Control for Less
A new Flash-based digital signal controller (DSC) family breaks the price barrier for appliance motor control applications.

August 2007
Motor Technology - Designing inside the Box
Appliance engineers with tight space constraints have a new motor option that offers a thin profile and high performance.

July 2007
Motor Technology - A Package Deal
A new digital motor features an integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) controller to offer office and medical appliance engineers an all-in-one design.

June 2007
Motor Technology - Versatile Testing
With a wide range of motoring and loading capabilities, a new motor-testing system can reportedly perform the testing typically done with several different systems — all with a single capital investment.

May 2007
Motor Technology - Advanced Control
New digital signal controllers (DSCs) are designed to reduce cost, provide greater design flexibility and offer advanced features to appliance motor control applications.

March 2007
Motor Technology - Cost Control
A new microcontroller (MCU) series is said to offer environmentally friendly, power-efficient performance in “wet” appliances while reducing bill of material costs for appliance OEMs.

February 2007
Motor Technology - Going Digital
A new generation of switched reluctance (SR) motor-blowers brings digital motor control to central vacuum cleaners.

January 2007
Motor Technology - A Natural Pairing
Taking its cues from nature, a motor and fan system reportedly offers enhanced efficiency and quieter operation in a range of air-moving applications.

December 2006
Motor Technology - A Small Order
A new stepper motor driver gives engineers an ideal compact form factor for designing a variety of appliances.

November 2006
Motor Technology - Driving Smart
Three new power modules are designed to reduce component count and board space while increasing system reliability and efficiency in air-conditioner motor drives.

September 2006
Motor Technology - Stepping Inside
From the outside, the new SST43D motor may appear to be a standard NEMA 17 stepper, but a redesigned interior reportedly provides NEMA 23 performance.

September 2006
Motor Testing - Identifying Motor Defects Using the Rotor Fault Zone
Using a fault-zone testing approach, the rotor is analyzed to identify potential defects in motor designs.

August 2006
Motor Technology - Switching Gears
A traditional harmonic-drive gear mechanism finds a new application in power tool motors.

July 2006
Motor Technology - High-Efficiency HVAC Motor
Combining the efficiency of brushless DC and the simplicity of permanent split capacitor (PSC), a new motor claims to be a cost-effective solution to HVAC efficiency requirements.

June 2006
Motor Technology - Blended Control
New digital signal controllers (DSCs) combine the benefits of microcontrollers and digital signal processors to provide cost-effective, efficient motor control.

May 2006
Motor Technology - A Clean Machine
Designed for medical appliance applications, a 16-mm brushless motor provides sterilization features and high performance in a compact package.

April 2006
Motor Technology - Sensorless Motor Control
A motor control platform for air-conditioning applications enables variable-speed sinusoidal current control without position sensors.

March 2006
Motor Technology - Miniaturized Linear Movement
A patented motor design reaches new levels of miniaturization while also achieving high precision and efficiency.

February 2006
Motor Technology - Combustion Gas Blower
A fully modulating, premix-ready combustion air blower has been designed for high-efficiency condensing boilers rated up to 100,000 Btu/h.

January 2006
Motor Technology - Magnetic Kit Encoders
A new magnetic kit encoder uses a sensor chip to provide a cost-effective motor feedback device with the same performance as an optical encoder.

December 2005
Motor Technology - Full-Bridge Motor Driver
A new full-bridge motor driver is designed to drive single-phase, low-voltage, bipolar brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

November 2005
Motor Technology - MCUs for BLDC and AC Induction Motor Control
ZiLOG launched the Z8 Encore! MC generation of Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) targeted at sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) and AC induction motor control applications.

September 2005
Appliance Engineer - Motor Technology - Cost-Efficient Brushless Technology
New motor developments from Torrington Research reportedly reduce part counts and costs, making brushless technology more available to a variety of applications.

August 2005
Motor Technology - Motor Driver Platform
STMicroelectronics has introduced a family of monolithic smart motor drivers for medical appliances and other applications.

July 2005
Motor Technology - Engineering - Digital Signal Controllers
A new trio of digital signal controllers from Texas Instruments are designed for motor control in applications ranging from

June 2005
Motor Technology - Smart Power Modules
A new series of compact Smart Power Module (SPM™) products are said to provide efficient motor control for energy-restricted white goods such as washing machines and air-conditioners.

May 2005
Motor Technology - High-Efficiency Motor
Using brushless d.c. (BLDC) technology and on-board electronics, A.O. Smith of Tipp City, OH, U.S. was able to create a high-efficiency motor to help manufacturers meet air-conditioner efficiency standards.

April 2005
Motor Technology - Hollow Shaft Gearmotors
A new selection of hollow shaft right-angle a.c., d.c., and brushless d.c. (BLDC) gearmotors from Bodine Electric of Chicago, IL, U.S. reportedly save on cost and space.

March 2005
Motor Technology - Versatile Variable Frequency Drive
The SmartFan® Stratus is said to be a highly versatile variable frequency drive (VFD) that provides precise variable-speed control of single- and three-phase fans, motors, and pumps.

February 2005
Motor Technology - Pump Motors
Emerson Motor Technologies of St. Louis, MO, U.S. has introduced a new line of pump motors that reportedly offer versatility and reliability.

January 2005
Motor Technology - Stepper Motors
The Portescap Turbo Disc™ stepper motors from Danaher Motion (Wood Dale, IL, U.S.) are said to provide dynamic incremental moves for maximum throughput in medical appliance applications.

December 2004
Motor Technology - Miniature Stepper Motors
Saia-Burgess USA Inc.’s new URG1 series stepper motors reportedly offer precise operation at up to 2,500 steps per second.

November 2004
Motor Technology - Electromechanical Clutches for Motion Control
Reell Precision Manufacturing has developed an electromechanical clutch that is said to provide consistent timing for rotary motion control and meets a complex series of performance requirements.

September 2004
Motor Technology - Brushless Motors with Neodymium Magnets
The new EC-max series brushless motors from Maxon Precision Motors are said to deliver the performance and lifetime of a brushless motor, but at a reduced cost.

August 2004
Motor Technology - Residential Pump Motor
A new line of residential water systems pump motors from Emerson Motor Technologies (St. Louis, MO, U.S.) is said to have a voltage-selector switch that simplifies field wiring and a unique ventilation system.

July 2004
Motor Technology - Mobile HVAC D.C. Motor
New 3-in diam brush d.c motors from Motor Products Corp. (Owosso, MI, U.S.) are said to be more reliable and cost-effective than other 3-in d.c. motors used in mobile, battery-powered HVAC equipment found in RVs and mobile homes.

June 2004
Motor Technology - Brushless Motor System
The Etek Brushless Motor System from Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power (Chicago, IL, U.S.) is said to offer increased performance, durability, and reduced maintenance when compared to brush-type motors used in commercial floor care equipment.

May 2004
Motor Technology - Blowers with Next-Generation Controller
AMETEK Rotron Technical and Industrial Products’ (Kent, Ohio, U.S.) new line of blowers is said to offer next-generation electronic controls.

April 2004
Motor Technology - Electric Motor Test System
A new electric motor test system is reportedly capable of directly measuring parameters such as no-load speed and current, cogging torque, bearing and windage loss, and back-EMF generation.

March 2004
Motor Technology - Flash Microcontrollers for Motor Control
Microchip Technology's new 8-bit microcontrollers are said to be reliable, quiet, and energy efficient through advanced analog and digital feedback and a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control system.

February 2004
APPLIANCE Engineer® Motor Technology - Integrated Circuits for Motor Control
Motorola's new line of MPC175000 advanced-power integrated circuits are said to enable exceptional battery life in portable electronics.

January 2004
Motor Technology - Corrosion-Resistant Motor
Servo Magnetics Inc. of Canoga Park, CA, U.S. has introduced a new corrosion-resistant brushless d.c. motor that features low voltage and high efficiency.

November 2003
Motor Technology - EC Motor for HVAC Applications
Wellington Drive Technologies Ltd. of Auckland, New Zealand has introduced a new, high-power 92-mm external rotor motor for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications.

September 2003
Motor Technology - Quiet A.C. Gearmotors
The V Series of a.c. gearmotors from Oriental Motor USA Corp. (Torrance, CA, U.S.) is said to offer foodservice equipment and medical device producers a quiet, reliable solution.

August 2003
Motor Technology - Motion Control Card
A new motion control card from Nippon Pulse America (Radford, VA, U.S.) can be used for advanced control of stepper motors or digital servomotors.

July 2003
Motor Technology - Lamination Die Technology
Varilok is a proprietary lamination die technology that is said to change the rules by which laminated stacks can be designed.

June 2003
Motor Technology - High-Efficiency HVAC/R Fans
Slovenian corporation Hidria has launched a new line of high-efficiency axial fans for the HVAC/R industry.

May 2003
Motor Technology - Brushless D.C. Refrigerator Motors
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company (EPC) has developed two new brushless d.c. motors for the appliance industry that are said to consume less than half the energy of conventional C-frame subfractional horsepower motors.

April 2003
Motor Technology - Efficient Refrigeration Fan Motors
An electric motor system and fan from ebm Industries, Inc. (Farmington CT, U.S) are said to benefit refrigeration equipment due to their relatively long on-cycles.

March 2003
Motor Technology - Three-Phase Inverter Driver IC
International Rectifier's IR2136 family of three-phase inverter-driver ICs are said to give appliance producers a low-cost, simple solution for variable speed motor drives.

February 2003
Motor Technology - Variable Speed Controller for Air-Moving Devices
Varidigm Corporation (Plymouth, MN, U.S.) has introduced the VSM-CA3 variable speed motor controller, which is used to modulate the speed of motors in fan coil units, fan-powered VAV terminal units, fan filter units, and other air-moving HVAC devices.

January 2003
Motor Technology - Variable Speed Drive for Appliance Motors
A new a.c. drive from Rockwell Automation (Mequon, WI, U.S.) is said to provide cost-effective, powerful speed control for appliance motors.

November 2002
Engineering: Motor Technology - Mixed Flow D.C. Cooling Fan
Said to be ideal for telecommunications applications and for cooling computer cabinets and racks, Comair Rotron says its new 7.9-in Mixed Flow d.c. fan is able to generate a higher pressure than any other fan in its product line.


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