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August 2012
Case Study: Control Panels - High-End Washers Get Custom Capacitive Interface Panels
The supplier partnered with a multinational manufacturer of major appliances to develop capacitive touchpad panels for two high-end, Class-A energy-saving clothes washers.

October 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Electronic Reports - Colorful Illumination

Available in several colors, a series of SMD LEDs achieves high-intensity illumination while remaining compact.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Electronics Report - Low-Power USB Connectivity

A new MCU family features embedded USB and ultralow power consumption, providing easy USB solutions to battery-powered, portable applications.

August 2009
Appliance Engineer - Electronics Report - Running Low and Long

A dc-to-dc convertor increases usage time and reduces required PCB area for portable electronic devices.

June 2009
Appliance Engineer - Electronics Report - Minimized Drift

New op amps are the first with an on-chip, one-shot calibration circuit to calibrate offset voltage at power-up or based on the state of an external pin.


May 2009
Appliance Engineer - Electronics Report - Magnetless Sensing

An ultrathin inductive position sensor that requires no magnet to operate offers robustness, EMI immunity, and a small footprint.


April 2009
Appliance Engineer - Electronics Report - Speeding Up GUI Design

 A color chip for LCDs and touch panels features a built-in LCD controller and microprocessor, allowing engineers to integrate graphical user interfaces (GUIs) into their applications easily.

February 2009
Electronics Report - Flexible Control

 An onboard LCD controller makes a new MCU series an affordable and flexible solution for design engineers.

October 2008
Electronics Report - Displays Made Easy
LCD modules with touch screens allow engineers to quickly integrate displays into appliance designs.

September 2008
Electronics Report - Amplified Savings
Cost savings and reliability are key features behind new amplifiers for HDTVs and other home audio products.

August 2008
Electronics Report - Getting Thinner
Patented light-guide extraction technology is making LED-based backlights thinner and more efficient than ever.

July 2008
Electronics Report - Reaching Ideal Capacity
A new capacitor design saves space while allowing appliance engineers to achieve high capacitance values.

June 2008
Electronics Report - Bringing Features to Light
Ultrabright LEDs are designed to provide appliance engineers with a variety of color selections, a vibrant and compact package, low power consumption, and longevity.

May 2008
Electronics Report - Bright Idea
Appliance manufacturers can use light to communicate with end users thanks to a new capacitive switch technology.

April 2008
Electronics Report - Taking on the World
With global approvals and a low profile, a new sugar-cube relay is designed to meet the needs of international appliance companies.

March 2008
Electronics Report - Driving Power Savings
A new LED driver provides product designers with a low-power, compact solution for blinking LED applications.

February 2008
Electronics Report - High-Performance Humidity Sensing
The EE16 is a humidity and temperature transmitter designed to bring a high degree of measurement accuracy and reliability to HVAC applications.

January 2008
Electronics Report - Extended Portable Power
An operational amplifier consumes only 20 µA supply current while offering high linearity to maximize sensing accuracy in portable applications.

December 2007
Electronics Report - Snap-In Sensor
Thanks to a special clip design, a new sensor allows HVAC equipment engineers to easily monitor air temperature within an enclosure.

November 2007
Electronics Report - Stable Sensing
An improved ceramic pressure sensor is said to offer engineers of HVAC equipment a wide temperature range and increased reliability.

October 2007
Electronics Report - Cool Integration
Refrigeration system engineers and end-users can now have performance information at their fingertips, thanks to a new controller with enhanced capabilities.

September 2007
Electronics Report - Mobile Power
Offering longer battery life and lower power consumption than conventional chips, a new integrated circuit (IC) is said to be the ideal solution for today’s mobile appliances.

August 2007
Electronics Report - Programmable Precision
A new programmable clock generator delivers low cycle-to-cycle and period jitter for precision clocking in networking equipment and consumer electronics.

July 2007
Electronics Report - Isolated Power
Whether used for appliance motor control or current detection, a new integrated circuit (IC) transducer allows engineers to achieve ac and dc isolated current measurement up to 100 KHz.

June 2007
Electronics Report - Picture-Perfect Technology
A new LCD HDTV solution is designed to offer engineers a system platform with film dejudder and motion blur removal that can be easily adapted to existing TV designs.

May 2007
Electronics Report - A Colorful Solution
With a profile of only 0.4 mm, a new series of SMD LEDs is said to feature both small size and color versatility, while also offering low power consumption.

April 2007
Electronics Report - Small but Mighty
Occupying under a cubic inch of space, a new series of switching power supplies is said to help appliance engineers keep designs small and simple.

March 2007
Electronics Report - Reliable Resonator
Based on a patented processing technology, a new silicon resonator is designed to replace quartz oscillators to enable smaller, more functional, reliable appliances.

February 2007
Electronic Report - Complexity Control
Complex applications such as laptops and digital TVs can be simplified using a highly integrated digital signal controller.

January 2007
Electronics Report - Inductor Innovation
A new inductor series uses proprietary technology to provide non-magnetic components for magnetically sensitive applications.

November 2006
Electronics Report - Combination Sensing
Combination temperature sensors are heating up the sensors market by offering HVAC engineers an alternative to conventional low-temperature cut-outs.

October 2006
Electronics Report - Bright Ideas
By combining a unique light extraction technology with a solid-state light source, a new edge-lighting solution allows engineers to design LCD TVs with a handful of LEDs.

September 2006
Electronics Report - Slim Sound Solution
A single-chip microphone is said to bring high acoustic performance to laptops, mobile phones and digital video and still cameras.

July 2006
Electronics Report - Anti-Reflective Touch Panels
New anti-reflective touch panels are designed to offer improved transmissivity and durability for outdoor appliance applications.

May 2006
Electronics Report - Efficient LED Driver
Ideal for the hand-held electronics market, a new step-up converter can drive nine white LEDs in a series at 20 mA from a single-cell lithium ion battery.

April 2006
Electronics Report - Low-Profile SMD LEDs
A new surface-mount device (SMD) LED claims to be one of the thinnest in the market, allowing engineers to design smaller and lighter appliances.

March 2006
Electronics Report - True White LED Panels
New white LED fiber optic panels are said to offer a true white backlight and long- life attributes for membrane switch applications.

February 2006
Electronics Report - Microcontrollers with LIN Capability
A new series of 16-bit processors use hardware-based technology to allow engineers to easily implement connectivity features into appliances.

January 2006
Electronics Report - Full Overheating Protection
An innovative heating element technology uses electronic sensors to prevent appliance parts from overheating.

December 2005
Electronics Report - Self-Organizing Embedded Network Chip
Echelon, a technology supplier for the Lonwork® control networking standard, launched the Pyxos FT chip, the first implementation of its new Pyxos embedded control networking platform.

November 2005
Electronics Report - Engineering - Clock Integrated Circuits
Analog Devices has introduced three clock ICs to add to its portfolio of clock products.

October 2005
APPLIANCE ENGINEER - Electronics Report Engineering - Reaction-Assisted Molding Process
Developed as an offshoot of the existing reaction injection molding (RIM) molding technology, the new reaction-assisted molding process (RAMP) is used to encapsulate electronics into smart cards without requiring the traditional layering manufacturing process.

September 2005
Appliance Engineer - Electronics Report - Ethernet Controller for Connected Appliances
Microchip Technology Inc. has developed an Ethernet controller small and flexible enough to meet the design needs of today’s advanced connected appliances.

August 2005
Electronics Report - Built-In Surge Protection
A patented surge protector from SurgeCord Inc. has surge protection built into the power cord to provide a value-added feature to appliance designs.

July 2005
Electronics Report Engineering - Self-Hold Thermal Protectors
The new UB8P and UB81P self-hold thermal cut-out and thermal protectors from Selco Products Company are designed to provide overheat protection in high-voltage applications.

July 2005
Engineering Technology Report - Motorized Oven Door
A new motor-operated oven door from Culinary Logic, LLC has been designed to change the traditional interface of high-end cooking appliances.

June 2005
Electronics Report - Integrated Digital Decoders
Two highly integrated MPEG-2 digital decoders have been developed for digital set-top box, personal video recorder, and integrated digital television applications.

May 2005
Electronics Report - Blue LED Displays
Kingbright has developed a Dual Blue SMD LED display that is said to offer additional flexibility in sizes and color, higher reliability, improved efficiency, and significant cost reduction to the production phase.

April 2005
Electronics Report - Ultra-Slim Touch Control
Calw, Germany-based Seuffer has developed STC SLIM, a new ultra-slim touch control technology for glass-ceramic hobs and cookers.

February 2005
Electronics Report - Tantalum Capacitor
Using a unique manufacturing technology, AVX Corporation says its 0402 tantalum chip capacitors are the smallest in the industry.

January 2005
Electronics Report - LCD Microcontrollers
Eight new members of Microchip Technology’s 8-bit PIC® LCD microcontroller family are said to offer maximum flexibility in code development and field re-programmability.

December 2004
Electronics Report - Low-Power Supervisory Circuits
Austriamicrosystems AG’s AS1904/5/6 family of ultra-low-power supervisory circuits is said to be ideal for appliances that stay in standby mode for long periods of time.

November 2004
Electronics Report - Electrostatic Discharge Protectors
Littelfuse developed an eco-friendly electrostatic discharge protector that is said to reduce voltage overshoot by up to 50 percent, as well as meet RoHS requirements.

October 2004
Electronics Report - Mixed-Signal MCUs
A new product family of microcontrollers (MCUs) from Austin, TX, U.S.-based Silicon Laboratories is said to feature the industry’s first mixed-signal chip that includes state-of-the-art digital and analog technology on the same chip.

September 2004
Electronics Report - Power Conversion ICs
A new family of integrated circuits (IC) from Power Integrations reportedly lower power converter system cost in a variety of applications, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) Powered Devices.

August 2004
Electronics Report - Incremental Encoders
Four new encoder incremental families from ITT Industries, Canon (Watertown, MA, U.S.) reportedly offer multiple capabilities in a single switch.

July 2004
Electronics Report - Metalized Drum Core Power Inductors
The small footprint of the new Coiltronics(R) LD Series metalized drum core power inductors from Boynton Beach, FL, U.S.-based Cooper Electronic Technologies (CET) are said to be ideal in applications where board space is restricted or critical.

June 2004
Electronics Report - Pressure - Sensitive Adhesives
The new MACBond(R) IB Series from MACtac(R) Technical Products’ (Stow, OH, U.S.) is said to offer flexible adhesive systems for a wide variety of demanding bonding or laminating applications, particularly cellular telephones.

May 2004
Electronics Report - Micro Fuel Cells
The need to regularly recharge batteries in mobile phones, laptops, and other portable terminals may be eliminated in the future with the use of fuel cells.

March 2004
Electronics Report - Quad Analog-to-Digital Converter
Analog Devices Inc. offers what it claims is the industry's first quad analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) for medical and communications appliances.

January 2004
Electronics Report - Integrated Power Switch
A new power switch from Fairchild Semiconductor is said to offer improved reliability in d.c./d.c. power supply designs.

October 2003
Electronics Report - Fault Indicator and LED Pair
Lumex, Inc. (Palatine, IL, U.S.) offers what is said to be the industry's first fault indicator designed for use with surface-mount technology LEDs.

September 2003
Electronics Report - Touch Microcontroller System
The Padless Touch Switch (PTS) Microcontroller System from Pressenk Instruments and Tyco Electronics is said to be a versatile and reliable option for engineers of ranges, refrigerators, washing machines, and more.

July 2003
Electronics Report - Sync Separator for HDTV
The new Elantec® EL4511 from Intersil Corporation (Palm Bay, FL, U.S.) provides sync separation in current and next-generation high-definition television (HDTV), digital television (DTV), PC, and data projection systems.

June 2003
Electronics Report - Wide Angle LED
The PY1105CK Super Wide Angle SMT LED from Stanley Electric Sales of America (Irvine, CA, U.S.) is said to offer superior backlighting for keypads and switches in a variety of appliance applications.

April 2003
Electronics Report - 1-MHz Operational Amplifiers
Microchip Technology, Inc.'s new family of 1-MHz operational amplifiers reportedly reduce supply voltage demand, making them an ideal solution for extending battery life in portable devices, security systems, and other appliance applications.

April 2003
Consumer Electronics - Relevance: The Key to Consumer Electronics Brand Survival
For years, technology reigned supreme in consumer electronics. Brands successfully wooed customers with new technical developments and ever-increasing advances in performance.

March 2003
Electronics Report - Specifying Circuit Protection
While a circuit breaker may seem like a simplistic component, there is enough complexity and confusion when it comes to specifying circuit protection that many engineers are designing devices with too little or too much protection.

February 2003
Electronics Report - Silicon Light Emission Technology
A new technology from STMicroelectronics is said to allow silicon-based light emitters to match the efficiency of traditional light-emitting compound semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide (GaAs).

January 2003
Electronics Report - Circuit Protection Devices
Tyco Electronics (Harrisburg, PA, U.S.) introduces a new Raychem Circuit Protection product series, the LVR series of PolySwitch¨ resettable devices.

November 2002
Engineering: Electronics - Relative Humidity Sensor Module
The Humicor S6000 relative humidity (RH) sensor/converter from Gefran Coreci (Lyon, France) uses a microprocessor to ensure accurate, linearized, and temperature-compensated humidity measurement in HVAC applications.


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