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issue: July 2003 APPLIANCE Magazine

Technology Report
Magnetic Water Treatment Device

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A magnetic water treatment device from Eco Crystal Private Ltd. (Bangalore, India) is said to keep washing machine tubs scale-free while reducing energy and detergent consumption.

The device, called Water Energizer, can be fitted within the inlet valve of the washing machine to treat the incoming water, and, in turn, reportedly improves the overall performance of the appliance.

The Water Energizer magnetic water treatment device from Eco Crystal Private Ltd. can be used in washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers.

The component is currently being used in some front-loading washing machines in India. Reported advantages of the water treatment device include the following: a scale-free tub and heating coil even after prolonged use, without the use of chemicals to remove the scale; substantial reduction in detergent and energy consumption; reduced alkalinity of the final rinse water, confirming reduction in residual detergent in clothes; clothes feel softer after washing and drying; and an improvement in wash quality.

According to the company, the advantages are most obvious when water hardness is more than 7┬░eH. Kaustav Bhattacharyya, director of Eco Crystal Private Ltd., explains, "The device works on the principle of a mineral-magnet combination on dissolved calcium bi-carbonate in the flowing water. The calcium particles become more micro-fined than the original and cannot stick to surfaces. Thus, the tub becomes scale-free."

While research is still being conducted on the effects of magnetic water, Mr. Bhattacharyya believes that the higher solvency power and micro crystallization of calcium crystals of the treated water are the reason for reduction in alkalinity of the rinse water, resulting in softer clothes, higher foaming, and less detergent
necessary. "The conclusive experimental data demonstrates that the reduction of detergent dosage can be achieved without sacrificing wash quality," he explains. "Hypothetically, there could also be a possibility of setting the machine at a lower water consumption rate to save heating energy because of improved wetting power of the water, depending on the type of program cycle and water hardness condition."

The device can reportedly be engineered for assembly inside the washing machine by minor changes in the assembly of the inlet valve with the detergent box, or it can be mounted as an attachment to the inlet valve. "A similar device can be applicable for water boilers and dishwashers," Mr. Bhattacharyya adds. "The device performs excellent in water heating systems, making the heating coil absolutely scale-free after a long period of use. Normally, chemicals are used to descale the tubes, but this process isn't environmentally friendly. Also, the tubes can corrode over time, as this needs to be done periodically."

In the case of a dishwasher, he notes, the advantage is limited to savings in detergent, unlike the washing machine, where other benefits are measurable and distinct.


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