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issue: February 2006 APPLIANCE Magazine

Motor Technology
Combustion Gas Blower

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A fully modulating, premix-ready combustion air blower has been designed for high-efficiency condensing boilers rated up to 100,000 Btu/h.

A new gas blower from ebm-papst (Farmington, Connecticut, U.S.) offers boiler manufacturers improved reliability by reducing the number of electronic components by 30 percent.

Developed by ebm-papst, the new Gas Blower 2006 is based on the company's unique electronically commutated (EC) motor technology, which is said to allow dynamic balancing in two planes for improved noise reduction. It is also fully speed controllable via a DC pulse width modulation (PWM) signal and offers turn-down ratios approaching 10:1.

Although based on the supplier's trademark technology, the new blower went through several design changes to offer appliance manufacturers improvements in size, noise, efficiency, and reliability. "The primary design challenge was to develop a smaller, quieter, more reliable, lower cost solution that delivered the same performance as its predecessor without increasing speed, power or noise levels," notes Tom Costello, product manager. "This was achieved with a combined solution that involved all major components of the blower assembly-housing, impeller, motor, and drive electronics."

With dimensions of 160 mm by 160 mm by 90 mm, the new blower is said to be 20 percent smaller than the existing product range, but offers the same performance. "By utilizing an in-house computational fluid dynamics program, our engineering team was able to modify the blade angle and scroll housing geometry to deliver the same air performance of its predecessor without an increase in speed, power or noise," Costello explains. He also notes that an automated assembly process will allow the blower to be manufactured at a lower cost.

Noise has been reduced due to dynamic balancing, which identifies the level of unbalance measured during impeller operation instead of at rest (i.e., static balancing). "ebm-papst measures and adjusts the level of unbalance on the primary and cooling impellers connected on either side of the motor-rotor assembly," Costello explains. "The method and equipment used to balance the assemblies minimizes solid-borne sound that can 'excite' connected surfaces leading to a 'loud speaker effect,' which in turn, 'excites' the adjacent air, creating airborne noise."

Another feature of the new blower is improved reliability, thanks to a 30-percent reduction in electronic components. According to Costello, the functions of approximately 50 components were replaced with a single integrated circuit (IC). The IC module handles voltage, current and thermal protection, signal processing for speed control and detection, and motor drive logic.

Compatible with special gas valves and boiler controls, the blower is sized for boiler input rates up to 30 KW (102M Btu/h) and is available in 24 V DC, 115 V 50/60 Hz and 230 V 50/60 Hz. Although designed for high-automation assembly, the blower can also be customized with dedicated inlet and outlet mounting features incorporated into customer-specific side plates to be installed at the end of the assembly line.

Suppliers mentioned in this article:
ebm-papst Inc.

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