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December 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Testing & Certification - Fire Containment and Clothes Dryers

 A revised fire safety standard for clothes dryers creates several design challenges for appliance engineers.

December 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Manufacturing Technology - Smart Leak Detection

A helium leak detector with modular design provides ease of use and high sensitivity for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.

October 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Motor Controls - Using Field-Weakening Motor Control in Washing Machines

Washing machine engineers can achieve high spin-cycle speeds by using a field-weakening motor control technique.

October 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Manufacturing Technology - Error Sensing for Less

Designed as an alternative to complex multisensor systems, a vision-based sensor provides advanced error-proofing functionalities at a lower cost.

October 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Materials Technology - Glass That Takes the Heat

Glass ceramics with near-zero thermal expansion are opening up new design possibilities.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Ignition Systems - EMI and Gas Ignition: The Impact of Electrical Noise

Gas-fired systems can benefit greatly by using direct spark ignition (DSI), provided engineers know how to address potential electrical noise challenges.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Manufacturing Technology - Flexible Assembly

A patented connection system allows a single assembly machine to perform almost unlimited processes.

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Ignition Systems - ENGINEERING INNOVATIONS: Alternative To High–Power Thick Film Resistive Technology

September 2009
APPLIANCE Engineer - Ignition Systems - ENGINEERING INNOVATIONS: Simplifying Complex Connections

August 2009
Appliance Engineer - Cooking Efficiency - Improving Range-Top Efficiency with Specialized Vessels

Laboratory testing of two cooking vessel prototypes shows an increase in range-top cooking efficiency.

August 2009
Appliance Engineer - Manufacturing Technology - Manufacturing Gets a Green Lift

Powered by fuel cell technology, a new forklift not only delivers environmental advantages, but also increases productivity by shortening refueling time.

June 2009
Appliance Engineer - Manufacturing Technology - Marking on the Fly

Coders can perform direct parts marking on moving or static products with more accuracy, faster speed, and little need for maintenance.

June 2009
Appliance Engineer - Materials Technology - Nanoporous Insulation

Thanks to its composition, an eco-friendly nanoporous material is able to achieve an ultrathin profile while offering hydrophobicity and resistance to flame spread and smoke emission.


May 2009
Appliance Engineer - Materials Technology - A Sound Design Choice

 New PEEK polymer films meet long-term fatigue performance requirements and offer design versatility.

April 2009
Appliance Engineer Feature - Designing Better Ovens—Faster

 This article discusses three possible methodologies for designing domestic ovens.

February 2009
Appliance Engineer - The Reality of Crimp Force Monitoring

Understanding how to use crimp force monitors (CFMs) for crimp quality verification can save OEMs considerable amounts of time and money.

January 2009
Appliance Engineer - Investigation of Low GWP Blowing Agents

One company tests potential replacements for both gaseous and liquid hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agents used for rigid polyurethane foam insulation.

January 2009
Materials Technology - Plastic Conductors

 A moldable polymer blend is designed to do what no plastic has ever done before—conduct electricity.

December 2008
Appliance Engineer-Commercial Food Service Equipment - Creating the Perfect Technology Blend

Engineers at smoothie machine manufacturer Enodis have developed an integrated foodservice solution that overcomes current technology limitations.

November 2008
Engineering: Interior Permanent Magnet Motors - IPM Motors: A New Solution for High-Performance Appliances
Brushless (BL) permanent magnet (PM) motors have emerged in recent years as a very strong contender to replace induction motors used in electronically controlled variable-speed applications.

November 2008
The Open Door - The Real Cost of Green Manufacturing

October 2008
Touch Controls - Improving Usability of No- and Low-Travel Touch Controls
Tactile feedback systems improve the usability of no- and low-travel touch controls by providing confirmation in response to user interactions.

September 2008
Light Guide Technology - Using Light to Enhance Appliance Safety
Three patents provide appliance manufacturers with a new level of safety by using light to indicate excessive temperatures.

August 2008
Refrigeration Defrost Control - Adaptive Demand Defrost Using Proximity Sensors
E-field sensor technology can be used to improve adaptive frost detection and replace timer-controlled defrost systems.

July 2008
Heat Pumps - Designing Air-Source Heat Pumps for Cold Climates
Boosted compression technology is the basis for a new heat pump designed specifically for colder climates.

June 2008
Dishwater Efficiency - Improving Dishwasher Efficiency

May 2008
Dishwashers - Putting Dishwasher-Safe to the Test
A look at how today’s plastics are standing up to the tough dishwasher environment.

April 2008
Fastening - A New Approach to Blind Riveting
A patent-pending blind rivet solution is designed to help appliance manufacturers save on necessary blind rivet purchases and reduce unnecessary product waste.

March 2008
Small Engine and Compressor Performance - Honing Can Improve Small Engine and Compressor Performance
Precision size, geometry, and surface of cylinder bores improve sealing and component life, while IC engines increase power density with lower exhaust emissions.

February 2008
Foam Blowing Agents - Effects of Blowing Agents on the Characteristics of Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Research shows the quantity of physical and chemical blowing agents directly affects the density, cell morphology, and flammability of RPUF samples.

January 2008
Appliance Energy Use - Intelligent Software Control Reduces Global Carbon Emissions
Balancing the energy demands of refrigerators with the availability of supply can reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the risk of power cuts.

December 2007
Circuit Protection - The Impact of Safety Regulations on MCUs

November 2007
Manufacturing Standards - Meeting ANSI Z535.6 Compliance Standards in Collateral Materials
About a year ago, a new manufacturing standard for product safety information was issued to govern product manuals, instructions, and other collateral materials.

October 2007
Adhesive Technology - The Advantages of Visible Light–Cure Adhesives
The following article describes the latest generation of visible light–cure adhesives and the benefits the technology can offer appliance manufacturers.

October 2007
Motor Control - FOC Algorithms Make Motors More Efficient
The mantra of appliance makers is to enhance efficiency and reduce the audible noise of their products— with minimum addition to the system cost.

September 2007
Metals - A Comparison of Rolled and Polished Stainless-Steel Appliance Finishes
This study compares the corrosion performance of rolled and polished stainless steel used in appliance finishes.

August 2007
Cooking Technology - Ultra-Low-Resolution Thermal Imaging for Detecting Kitchen Hazards
More than 50% of fires are the result of unattended cooking appliances. This article describes a device that uses a very-low-resolution thermopile array to scan the kitchen to detect the presence of heat sources.

July 2007
Circuit Protection - Coordinated Circuit Protection for Critical Appliance Components
Resettable circuit protection devices can be used to help provide overtemperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection for the electric motors and fans, controllers, touchpads, displays, and interface circuitry required by sophisticated appliances.

June 2007
Boiler Technology - The Cornerstones of Boiler Technology
The following paper demonstrates how boiler system manufacturers are reevaluating their product offerings and redesigning them to save energy and the environment, while positively influencing reliability and safe operation.

January 2007
Quality & Testing - Use of Gage R&R in Developing Metrics for Subjective Data
With the proper utilization of Six Sigma tools like Gage R&R studies, the development of metrics for evaluating subjective characteristics becomes possible.

January 2007
Touch Controls - Simplicity is the Art of Technology
The evolution of infrared (IR) touch control technology has helped advance today’s cooking appliances.

December 2006
Porcelain Enamel - Advanced Coatings for the Home of Tomorrow
As mature products, porcelain enamel and major appliances require technological advances for added sales and profitability. Three new porcelain enamel products and their most suitable uses are reviewed.

November 2006
Motor Control - Using Sensorless Control to Catch a Spinning Fan
Over the years, engineers have turned to brushless DC drives with Hall sensor feedback due to their simple control circuitry. However, advancements in sensorless control offer designers alternative solutions.

October 2006
Small Appliances - No Tolerance for Arc Faults
Closely evaluating end-of-life and pulse-current failure scenarios can make small appliances more robust and protect against potential fires.

September 2006
Motor Testing - Identifying Motor Defects Using the Rotor Fault Zone
Using a fault-zone testing approach, the rotor is analyzed to identify potential defects in motor designs.

August 2006
Advisory Board - Our Engineering Experts
Behind any good technical magazine is a team of experts. For APPLIANCE magazine, that means leveraging the expertise of industry engineers that literally know the ins and outs of appliances.

July 2006
IATC Best Paper 2006 - Spontaneous Combustion Tendency of Household Chemicals and Clothes Dryers-Part 2
The following is the second installment of the edited version of the paper delivered at the 57th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC), held March 27-29 in Rosemont, Illinois, U.S. The paper’s authors were awarded the Dana Chase, Sr. Memorial Award for the best paper presented at the conference.

June 2006
IATC 2006 Best Paper - Spontaneous Combustion Tendency of Household Chemicals and Clothes Dryers-Part 1
A two-part test program studied the spontaneous combustion tendency of various contaminants on clothing loads placed in household clothes dryers.

May 2006
International Appliance Technical Conference 2006 - Future Solutions
Technology is being developed to keep tech-savvy appliance buyers safe, to save them energy, even give them a little bling.

April 2006
Engineering - Energy Consumption - Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Household Appliances
The following reveals the results of a life-cycle assessment (LCA) on dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. The different factors responsible for the environmental impact are discussed.

March 2006
Transition to RoHS - Transition to RoHS: The Seven Common Pitfalls to Avoid
When it comes to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive, good things do not come to those who wait.

February 2006
Engineering - Design Recommendations for Electromagnetic Compatibility
The following addresses electromagnetic compatibility in consumer appliances, with a focus on the design of electronic control cards that need to meet governing standards.

January 2006
Porcelain Enamel - A Comparison of Enameled and Stainless-Steel Surfaces
The following paper compares the properties of porcelain enamel and stainless steel used in appliance production. A new stainless-style enamel cover coat is also introduced.

December 2005
Plastics - An Overview of a New Ultra High Temperature Plastic (UHT)
A new silicone compound plastic is able to resist extreme thermal conditions greater than 900 degrees fahrenheit (482 degrees celcius), while maintaining the typical properties of plastics, such as formability, low density, a high degree of electrical insulation, and low thermal expansion.

November 2005
Switches - Simple Construction, High-Performance Switch Technology
New switch technology is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes, with minimal piece-parts.

November 2005
Display Technology - Shedding a New Light on Appliance Design
Appliance designers are being challenged to reconsider accepted practice with the emergence of new technologies that offer a thin and flexible illuminated display.

October 2005
Air Conditioners - Partial Switching Power Factor Correction Module
This paper introduces an integrated power module for a partial switching power factor correction circuit (PSP) used in air-conditioning systems. The proposed module incorporates two insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and rectifier diodes, along with a gate-driving low-voltage integrated circuit (LVIC) and a thermistor for temperature monitoring, all of which are integrated into a direct-bonded-copper (DBC) based transfer-molded package. It is intended for use in inverter systems of low-power air-conditioners and is expected to provide compactness, reliability, and electrical and thermal performance.

August 2005
Acoustics - Diagnosing Noise Sources in Vacuum Cleaners
A method for accurately and effectively diagnosing noise sources and their transmission paths by visualizing acoustic radiation from an arbitrarily shaped object is presented.

June 2005
Engineering Cooking Appliances - Digital Sensors Enhance Brand Image
Three years ago, Whirlpool Corporation began working on new electric freestanding range models with glass touch control panels. Glass is easy to clean, and panels can be produced to match the “visual brand language” established by the company. Switches mounted under glass panels typically use capacitive technology, which allows for customized sensing through the glass surface.

June 2005
IATC 2005 Best Paper - Major Appliance Teardowns: A Review of Electrical Interconnection Results
IATC 2005 Best Paper: The following is an edited version of the winning paper presented at the International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC), held March 28-30, 2005. The author was awarded the Dana Chase, Sr. Memorial Award for the best paper presented at the conference.

May 2005
Electrical Manufacturing - The Basics of Brushless Motor Drive Design
Due to the increasing demand for compact and reliable motors and the evolution of low-cost power semiconductor switches and permanent magnet (PM) materials, brushless motors are widely used in every application from home appliances to the aerospace industry.

May 2005
International Appliance Technical Conference 2005 - Engineering for the World
The “I” in IATC wasn’t lost on those attending the 2005 International Appliance Technical Conference. From Chinese outsourcing to Canadian legislation, this year’s engineering conference looked at technology from a global perspective.

May 2005
Glass Technology - Nano-Layer System for Interior Oven Doors
For years, the research and development department of the Mainz, Germany-based Schott Group has been working to refine and advance the functional surfaces of household appliances.

April 2005
Engineering Sensors - Motor Sensor Design with Velocity Feedback
A new sensor design provides velocity feedback in small permanent magnet d.c. motors for cordless, battery-powered appliance applications.

March 2005
Engineering: Heating and Air-Conditioning - Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating with Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration Cycle
The use of CO2 refrigerant for simultaneous space conditioning and water heating has been the focus of renewed research and testing since Lorentzen re-introduced the idea of the transcritical cycle [3]. Neska et al have investigated several CO2 systems under standard test conditions, including solo heat pump water heaters and dual-purpose systems that simultaneously provide space conditioning and domestic water heating [5]. Several authors have also published results of prototype CO2 systems operating over wide ranges of test conditions.

February 2005
IATC Preliminary Program - 56th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference & Exhibition
This year’s conference will be held March 28-30, 2005 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel O’Hare in Rosemont, IL, U.S.

January 2005
Engineering - Refrigeration Insulation - 3D Simulation of PU Foaming Flow in a Refrigerator Cabinet
The latest refrigerator-freezer research from LG Electronics focuses on reducing electricity consumption by investigating the foaming flow of PU insulation.

January 2005
Designing Built-In Refrigerators - Creating Value Through Design
With the help of industrial design firm IDI, Thermador designed value into a new line of built-in refrigerators.

January 2005
Appliance Line - A New Generation of Design
I’ve heard many in the industry complain in recent years that the next-generation of appliance designers are “lazy,” “unmotivated,” and “egocentric.” I beg to differ.

January 2005
Engineering Motor Control - New Motion Control Technology for Eco-Friendly Appliances
A new control solution has been designed to reduce the complexity of designing variable-speed motor drives for energy-efficient appliance applications.

December 2004
Engineering - Relays - Impact of Lead-Free Soldering on the Reliability of Relays
In recent years, environmental issues have become more and more important. Many materials and substances are forbidden for use in products and in manufacturing because they are toxic, ozone-killing, or problematical in some other respect.

November 2004
Engineer Sound Quality - Sound Quality Assessment and Labeling
The sound that a product makes can tell the user a lot about its quality and functionality. This information may be combined with other non-aural information, such as the product’s performance, design, color, or feel, to give some overall impression. Products that make annoying sounds are unlikely to be well-received, yet proper product sound assessment does not appear to be widely considered throughout the UK.

November 2004
Engineering Porcelain Enamel - A Novel Non-Stick Porcelain Enamel
To fulfill the industry’s long-held desire for a truly easy-to-clean surface, a new ceramic-based, non-stick coating for household and commercial cooking appliances has been developed that has excellent scratch, abrasion, and heat resistance, as well as superb cleanability.

October 2004
Engineering Heat Exchangers - Considerations in Designing Next-Generation Finned, Copper Tube Heat Exchangers
Through the increasing regulation of appliances to meet energy-efficiency standards worldwide, this paper reports on innovations in experimental coil configurations that can reduce fan and motor size in HVAC/R appliances—and help OEMs save on materials costs.

October 2004
Designing Electric Housewares - Virtual Housewares?
Designing portable appliances for the kitchen is not easy, and in recent years, it’s become even more challenging. An increasing emphasis on understanding one’s consumer has seen design teams conduct more intensive user research than ever before.

October 2004
Part 2: Motors and Air-Moving Devices - Small Adjustments, Large Improvements
When asked to improve the cleaning performance of a vacuum, Johnson Electric started by analyzing the fundamental physics behind a successfully working product.

September 2004
Engineering Testing - Automotive Corrosion Testing of Appliances
To determine the best materials for major home appliances, some manufacturers routinely use a corrosion test developed in the U.S. automotive industry. They test individual components, partial assemblies, randomly selected production pieces, finished goods, and competitors’ models.

August 2004
Engineering Control Panels - Designing a Non-Contact Appliance Control Panel
The design of the human-machine interface (HMI) can strongly impact the perception of an appliance.

August 2004
Medical Appliances - New Considerations for Medical Appliance Designers
Medical devices are no longer just medical devices—they are consumer products. In the past, medical product manufacturers stressed the medical efficacy of their devices over all other considerations. However, today they are borrowing a page from the consumer product designers’ playbook.

July 2004
Engineering Motor Control - Brushless D.C. Motor Control for Refrigerator Applications
Evolving market needs and changing energy policies push designers to consider energy efficiency, audible noise, product lifetime, maintenance, and the cost of initial products and operation.

July 2004
Appliance Line - Designing Women?
When I first decided to write about this topic, I thought I had a simple—not to mention logical—observation: the appliance industry needs more female engineers. Well, my research took me on wild ride that taught me both everything and nothing. In other words, no issue is ever simple.

June 2004
60th Anniversary - 60 Years Of Appliance Technology
The appliance industry has innovated ceaselessly since the first issue of this magazine was published by Dana Chase Publications in January 1944. Here, on the occasion of our 60th anniversary year, we would like to present an abridged look at just a few of the technology developments that brought the industry to where it is now.

June 2004
2004 IATC Best Paper Winner - Detection of Abnormal Operating Conditions in Electric Clothes Dryers
Advances in sensor technology have created opportunities to address many hazards that products can present to consumers, and this paper reports the results of experiments performed on an electric clothes dryer. The test clothes dryer was instrumented with a number of sensors and operated under normal and abnormal operation conditions. The recorded sensor data were analyzed to determine if undesirable conditions that could lead to impending hazardous conditions could be detected before developing into a consumer hazard.

June 2004
Ingeniería Control de Motores - Control de Motores de Bajo Costo y de Múltiples Funciones para Artefactos Eléctricos
El mercado de los artefactos eléctricos requiere soluciones de bajo costo para el control de motores así como también el mantenimiento de las funciones avanzadas para el funcionamiento eficiente del motor. Es posible cumplir con estos dos requisitos principales mediante un sistema de accionamiento de motor basado en microcontroladores que ayude a los fabricantes de equipos originales a reducir los costos del sistema y a brindar funciones avanzadas para las aplicaciones de control del motor.

June 2004
Engineering - Rapid Prototyping - Curing Developmental Headaches
Egyptian appliance maker Olympic Group saved costs and dramatically decreased its development timeframe by implementing rapid prototyping and 3D prints into the initial design process.

May 2004
International Appliance Technical Conference - 2004 IATC - A New Perspective
As always, this year’s International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC) revealed the appliance industry’s latest technological advancements for design and manufacturing. But as most attendees would attest, the real “breakthrough” at this year’s IATC had nothing to do with technology at all.

May 2004
Web Exclusive - Manufacturing & Design - Digital Manufacturing In Norrkoping
Whirlpool's plant in Norrkoping, Sweden links design and manufacturing data for production of new microwave ovens.

May 2004
Electrical Manufacturing - Conductive Plastics
Plastics have been widely used in electrical manufacturing for several decades, due to their many advantageous properties, including moldability, ruggedness, and low cost.

May 2004
Engineering Microelectronics - New Insights in Underfill Flow and Flip Chip Reliability
During the last several years, Flip Chip Technology has been widely accepted as a means for maximum miniaturization of microelectronic assemblies. Flip Chips have been used in advanced products such as cellular phones, global positioning systems (GPS) devices, and in medical devices such as pacemakers.

February 2004
APPLIANCE Engineer® - Equipment Impacts of Lead-Free Wave Soldering
The increasing popularity and use of lead-free solders has uncovered weakness areas in the wave solder equipment in operation today. The following evaluates the materials used to construct the solder unit of this type of equipment.

January 2004
Engineering Ice-Making Machines - A Clean Machine
Antimicrobial AlphaSan® from Milliken Chemical helps Manitowoc Ice in Manitowoc, WI, U.S. deliver an unprecendented sanitation level for the company's ice-making machines.

January 2004
APPLIANCE Engineer® - Optimization of the Computer-Aided Refrigerator Production Processes
Many manufacturers lack a means to retrieve critical information at control and cell levels during production. However, recent developments have made it possible to establish a full-scale information transfer between both levels.

January 2004
Engineering Circuit Breakers - Protective Devices for Appliances: Which Standard to Use?
Choosing circuit breakers to be used within appliances is not as simple as it appears. There are two UL standards for these devices - UL 489 and UL 1077. The following will explain the differences between the two standards and provide some guidance on how to apply them.

December 2003
Engineering: Decoratives - Using Electric Infrared for Firing Appliance Control Panels
The following will discuss how electric infrared (IR) technology has the flexibility and control required for firing and curing a variety of silk screen applications in appliance production.

November 2003
European Edition: Engineering Refrigerators - The Effect of Blowing Agents on Energy Use and Climate Impact of a Refrigerator
The phase-out of CFC-11 as a foam-blowing agent, as called for under the Montreal Protocol, is well underway. The most common replacements with zero ozone depletion potential have been c-pentane and mixtures of c-pentane with other hydrocarbons, along with some HFCs, including HFC-134a and HFC-245fa.

November 2003
Engineering: Comfort Conditioning (a web exclusive) - R&D at ZAC
Zamil Air Conditioners' ambitious growth plan hinges on expanding its product lines. With a slew of new tools, ZAC engineers have a number of product and technology development efforts underway.

November 2003
Engineering: Dishwashers - A New Federal Test Procedure for Dishwashers
The following discusses a new test method for dishwashers developed by DOE, NIST, AHAM, TIAX, and stakeholders and presents the results from tests of two soil-sensing dishwasher models.

October 2003
Heating Elements - New Thin Film Heating Elements For Rapid, Even Heating Of Large Surface Areas
A unique thermoelectric thin-film heater technology was developed with NASA, but has numerous potential commercial and industrial applications.

October 2003
Engineering: Reliability Testing - Making the Most of Life Test Data
Whether it's complex assemblies or individual components, the main question an appliance industry designer has to face is: "Will this product perform reliably?" However, how can it be determined if a product is reliable or meets or exceeds the life of the competition?

October 2003
Motors & Air-Moving Devices - Integrating Brushless D.C. Motors Into Plastic Fans for Efficient, Quiet, and Cost-Effective Appliance Solutions
Fans are often viewed as commodity products when, in fact, they are the respiratory system of the appliance. If the fan under-performs, the appliance under-performs. If the fan fails, the appliance fails.

October 2003
Engineering Medical Imaging Devices - An All-Around Design
For medical device maker SonoSite Inc., the challenge in designing its new iLook 15 and iLook 25 hand-held ultrasound devices was creating a device that was both functional for the healthcare professional and comforting to the patient.

October 2003
Engineering Heated Glass - Next-Generation Heated Glass Products
Heated Glass has been used in commercial refrigeration doors for many years. Recent advances in glass coatings, electronic control technology, and interconnect technology can significantly improve the energy efficiency and safety of these products.

September 2003
Engineering Motors - New Stator Core Laminations for Brushless Motors
Until a few years ago, the basic technology of the fractional electrical motor had not changed much compared to the technology used at the beginning of the last century. Recently, however, there have been several developments in this area.

September 2003
Engineering Power Tools - Power Routing
When engineers at DeWalt in Towson, MD, U.S. began the design process for its line of routers, the goal was to go beyond just improving an existing product.

August 2003
Article: Engineering Cooktops - A Productive Partnership
Gas stove manufacturer Rinnai Corporation is enjoying success in the Japanese market with the help of Schott Ceran glass ceramic cooktops.

August 2003
Motor Engineering - New Magnetic Parameters to Characterize Cold-Rolled Motor Lamination Steels and Predict Motor Performance
For several years, Ispat Inland Inc. and A. O. Smith Electrical Products Company have been jointly working on a project to use computer modeling to predict the operating parameters for motors and their dependence on cold-rolled motor lamination (CRML) magnetic properties.

July 2003
APPLIANCE Engineer - Next-Generation Heated Glass Products
Heated Glass has been used in commercial refrigeration doors for many years. Recent advances in glass coatings, electronic control technology, and interconnect technology can significantly improve the energy efficiency and safety of these products.

June 2003
Engineering Washer Drives - Three-Phase A.C. Motor Drive and Controller for Clothes Washers
Because a complete washing cycle for domestic clothes washers consists of two phases - tumble-wash and spin-dry - it calls for very different motor characteristics.

June 2003
Engineering Insulation - Advances in VIP Design for Super Insulation of Domestic Appliances
Presented at the 54th International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC), March 10-12, West Lafayette, IN, U.S.

June 2003
Engineering Medical Appliances - Framing the Medical Appliance Industry
ESWL Products, Inc. recently secured FDA approval of its Lithowave lithotripter, which uses Rexroth modular structural components.

June 2003
Computer Simulation - Computer Simulation Helps Meet Oven Specs While Reducing Cost
The use of computer simulation helped to demonstrate how a new oven design could meet the UnderwriterÕs Laboratory (UL) outside surface temperature requirements with an insulation material substantially less costly than the main alternative.

May 2003
Engineering Medical Devices - Taking Tooling to the Edge
By tooling what some deemed impossible, patients are now able to recover more quickly after having an arterial puncture.

May 2003
2003 International Appliance Technical Conference - An Information Forum
APPLIANCE traveled to West Lafayette, IN, U.S. to report on the 54th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference.

May 2003
International Appliance Technical Conference 2003 - Dana Chase, Sr. Memorial Award-Winning Paper
New Glass Ceramic Material for Cooking Surfaces Allows for Reduction of Boil-Up Times by up to 20 Percent

This is an edited version of a paper delivered at the 54th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference (IATC), March 10-12, 2003, West Lafayette, IN, U.S. The author was awarded the Dana Chase, Sr. Memorial Award for the best paper presented at the conference.

April 2003
Engineering: Dryer Technology - Microwave Clothes Drying - Technical Solutions to Fundamental Challenges
The following discusses the use of microwave heating technology in laundry appliance applications, and recent solutions that address the technology's historical challenges.

April 2003
Engineering Compressor Motors for Energy Efficiency - Striving for a Greener Environment
An HVAC manufacturer digs deeper and searches wider to improve energy efficiency and reduce impact on the environment.

March 2003
APPLIANCE Engineer - A Technology Solution for a Quieter Hair Dryer Motor
Design engineers from Johnson Electric investigated why many hair dryers tend to emit a thin, high-pitched noise when turned on and off.

February 2003
Engineering: Laundry Appliances - Co-Design Key in Plastic Tub Production
Merloni Elettrodomestici and Meccanica Generale used the co-design approach to create a plastic washing machine tub that allows for faster production, streamlined assembly, and a lighter-weight washing machine.

February 2003
Engineering: Decoratives - Golden OpportunityPictured is a Whirlpool dishwasher interface with decoratives provided by Serigraph.
The decision to buy a major appliance often depends largely on appearance. Serigraph, a West Bend, WI, U.S.-based decoratives and labels manufacturer, knows this, as the company has been working with appliance customers for 30 years. The company's expertise is in the development of graphics that provide a high level of shelf-appeal while meeting the rigorous performance specifications of appliances.

January 2003
Engineering Air-Conditioning - Protecting the Core of the HVAC Industry
In order to eliminate some of the waste involved in production, Goettl Air Conditioning, Inc. enlisted the help of supply firm Pacific Parts Sales Company, Inc. when it came time to implement an improved condenser coil guard for its HVAC products.

January 2003
Engineering Photocouplers - Photocouplers: Performing Big in Small Spaces
The current development trend in photocouplers is targeting smaller packages, lower cost, higher reliability, higher operating speed, and lower power consumption, which corresponds with the requirements for electronic devices in the future.

January 2003
European Edition - APPLIANCE Engineer - Thermal Modeling of Oven Cooking and the "Brick" Test
This paper examines the performance of a domestic oven by developing a simple model to macroscopically describe the relative heat and mass transfer involved, followed by a closer look at the calculation of the thermal mass depending on food ingredients and mass loss due to evaporation.

November 2002
Engineering: HFC-245fa - Tailor Made HFC-245fa Foam for Appliance Applications
Eight years ago, the use of CFC-11 in rigid foam applications was terminated in the U.S. due to environmental concerns arising from its ozone depletion potential. Since that time, rigid foam manufacturers have used the second-generation blowing agents with more and more confidence. In general, the predominant blowing agent for the U.S. market over this period has been HCFC-141b.

November 2002
Engineering: Electronics - Relative Humidity Sensor Module
The Humicor S6000 relative humidity (RH) sensor/converter from Gefran Coreci (Lyon, France) uses a microprocessor to ensure accurate, linearized, and temperature-compensated humidity measurement in HVAC applications.

November 2002
Engineering: Motor Technology - Mixed Flow D.C. Cooling Fan
Said to be ideal for telecommunications applications and for cooling computer cabinets and racks, Comair Rotron says its new 7.9-in Mixed Flow d.c. fan is able to generate a higher pressure than any other fan in its product line.

October 2002
Engineering: Carbon Fiber - Carbon Fiber Electrical Connectors
Xerox Corporation developed a way to make carbon fiber into connectors that can conduct electricity just like a traditional metal connector, but are said to be more reliable, less costly to produce, and able to withstand harsh environments.

October 2002
Engineering: Disc Spring Innovation Provides Increased Deflection - Retaining A High Spring Rate
The challenge of developing a conical disc-spring with increased deflection, while retaining a relatively high spring rate, has resulted in a line of disc spring products for use in appliance and other manufacturing and industrial applications.

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