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December 2003
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The supplier's new Color i(TM) 5 is a sphere-based laboratory spectrophotometer that reportedly sets a new standard in the mid-range instrument class. The Color i 5, with an array of advanced features, reportedly offers unprecedented ease and flexibility for accurately measuring the widest variety of sample shapes, sizes, textures, and opacity. It also reportedly adds value throughout the enterprise and extended enterprise by enabling supply chain color management between legacy systems and today's high-precision spectrophotometers.

The device is the first in a series of new color measurement technologies released under GretagMacbeth's new Enterprise Color Management (ECM) program. Designed with price/performance features, the Color i 5 is said to be ideally suited for busy labs requiring speed and throughput. The Color i 5 feature set includes Tri-Beam technology that simultaneously measures specular component included and excluded for simplified gloss assessment; multiple areas of view in both reflectance and transmittance for versatility in measuring non-uniform and variable size samples; a self-adjusting, dual zoom lens that reportedly eliminates configuration errors between aperture plates and lens position; video preview or sample drop door for precision targeting and measurement accuracy; automated ultraviolet adjustment for speed and convenience when measuring fluorescent or optically brightened samples; vertical and horizontal measurement orientation in a single instrument; USB and RS-232 interfaces to eliminate connectivity issues; and built-in user selectable profiles for 7000A and 3100.

When implemented with the NetProfiler(TM), the company says the Color i 5 bridges the gap between legacy color data and data obtained through more recent, higher precision instruments. This reportedly makes the device a seamless addition to existing color measurement networks and ensures compliance with supply chain color management programs. According to Mike Beering, product marketing manager, Enterprise Color Management Measurement products for GretagMacbeth, "Until now, customers with older, yet perfectly working systems, were precluded from upgrading to newer instruments due to data incompatibility between existing instruments and newer technology. With the Color i 5, they can upgrade to newer technology and still utilize their historic data, plus network instruments within their own organization or throughout their supply chain. That's good news for early adopters of spectrophotometers, many of whom are still using GretagMacbeth 2020+ and 3000 series instruments."



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